What do young people think of the war in Ukraine?

By Louise Smith

Most adults are following the events in Ukraine, some reluctantly, some avidly, but all are aware of what is going on. Many of our youth cannot help but hear some things about the events in Ukraine just because it is dominating conversation. Bits and pieces of news are filtered through various media outlets. It is hard for them to understand how such a thing could be happening.
And as adults, how do we answer their questions when for all of us it is unclear how such an event could be occurring in 2022? Do we ever learn the lessons of history?
What follows are the writings of two students, one in elementary school and one at the high school level. Both pieces are written in blank verse. It gives some insight into their perception of the world events happening at the moment.

The Beginning of World War Three?
By Dylan Page, 12 years old
Heroes’ Memorial School

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is
the President of Ukraine
He is not okay with
invading his country

No one would be okay
with someone
invading their country!

Putin is in charge
of Russia
He is a criminal
who has
schools, hospitals,
and civilians
including kids!

No country should
I don’t want
World War Three!

War in Ukraine

By Ioan Masse, 14 years old
Massey-Vanier High School

Russia attacked Ukraine
It started in February
I think that
it is terrible
Ukraine’s buildings
are destroyed
but Ukraine is winning battles!

Three million people
have left Ukraine
but they want to
come back.
It is their home!

Some people are
leaving Russia too!
They don’t agree with
And what he is doing
in Ukraine
Some Russian soldiers
are giving up

Ukraine grows a lot of
Wheat for Europe
Food shortages will be
An issue!

NATO is helping
Canada is helping
Canada is giving food and

The war is horrible!
The war is expensive!
So much has been lost!
I want it to be over!
Long live Ukraine!

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