And to think that all it took…

By Louise Smith

Christian Dubé, the Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services, recently announced that as of Jan. 18, a vaccine passport will be needed to enter cannabis and SAQ stores. The day after his announcement, first dose appointments went up from 1,500 a day to nearly 6,000. He must have wondered if he should have done that earlier.

Remember when there was the vaccine lottery and all the cajoling done with radio and print ads? Seems like it is time to move past sweetness. Only when most people are vaccinated, will the effects of the virus diminish. Vaccines do not stop someone getting COVID, but it will reduce the intensity of the virus’ effects.

Anti-vax groups may not like the new regulations, but according to Cheryl Milne, a constitutional lawyer, in an article by Salmaan Farooqui, in The Globe and Mail, the expansion of vaccine passports would likely stand up to any legal challenges because the courts have mostly sided with the provinces because they are trying to ensure public health measures which are trying to stop the spread of the virus.

The vaccine centre at the Domaine du Parc in Cowansville continues to add new spots daily. The lines move quickly and the personnel are friendly and welcoming.
The slight discomfort getting a vaccine is nothing compared to us all being able to returning to “The Before Times”.

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