Wes students visit the Musee des beaux arts

By Mr. Kevin - Intern Arts Teacher
Wes students visit the Musee des beaux arts
(Photo : Courtesy of Waterloo Elementary School)

When I arrived at Waterloo Elementary School (WES), I was impressed with the school’s art program. I was given the opportunity to build upon the program already offered by my associate teacher.

One of the most important lessons you could teach as a teacher at the elementary level is how to identify and build your relationship with colour. I had attended an exposition at the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke of Abenaki Artist Rita Letendre’s work and her work was exceptional in the fact that it was all about the viewer and seeing that relationship with colour.

I wanted the students at WES to be introduced to her work, so I had them create collages in a style similar to her more predominant works. The students really enjoyed this and learned a lot. After COVID, Miss Lampron and I had the opportunity to take the entire school to the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke.One of highlights of my internship was my students being able to show the work that they did to the people at the museum.

I am so proud of the arts program that was created at Waterloo Elementary School. It is phenomenal how hard the student’s worked and how incredibly creative they are. It was an honor to be welcomed into this community, and to share what I love with the students.

Wellness Day at WES

Now more than ever, after two years of the pandemic, students’ wellbeing is an important part of school life. To help address this, on May 6th, WES held a wellness day for all students from K4 to grade 6. Throughout the day, class activities were held that related to wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

Students were given the opportunity to choose the top five activities that they enjoy doing and are interested in for the day. They alternated through their chosen activities such as an obstacle course, outdoor workout, making healthy snacks, etc. They also enjoyed healthy smoothies by local company Activ8 Nutrition.

Disc Golf at WES

Students at WES had a great day for their disc golf clinic. Brian, the local disc golf pro taught the students how to properly use the backhand and forehand technique. Mr. J. (WES Phys-ed teacher) taught the students how to putt.

WES is now well equipped for disc golf with the purchase of actual discs that are made for disc golf and portable disc golf baskets.

Disc golf has been offered during gym class to students in grades 3-4- 5-6 and the after-school program is up and running. The students are making great progress perfecting their techniques, so much as that that two students have already had 2 holes in one!

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