Colourful quilt show at Emmanuel United Church enthralls visitors

By Louise Smith
Colourful quilt show at Emmanuel United Church enthralls visitors
The variety of patterns and colours on display at the quilt Show at the Emmanuel United Church in Cowansville amazed and pleased all visitors over the two-day duration of the show. (Photo : Louise Smith)

For two days the downstairs hall and the pews upstairs were dec- orated with over sixty quilts and smaller quilted items. The quilts were made by many quilters who are living in the community and beyond. A few quilts on display were antique quilts from generations past.

One quilt on display had been made by Sandra Lillian Laflamme, who, unfortunately, had passed away at a young age. A photo of Sandra was on display near her quilt.

Another quilt on display was a memory quilt which had been made from the shirts of Jim Fulford. The lap quilt was then given to Ingeborg Fulford in memory of Jim. One of the outstanding quilts was one of dragonflies made with bright colours in a stained-glass look. It was draped over three tables.

Three quilts were available for a draw. One of them was made by the minister’s mom who is in her 90s. An- other was made by the Quilting group which meets regularly at Ingeborg Fulford’s. The third, a baby quilt, was made by Margaret Marshall. The winner of the first quilt was Betty Piette. She was thrilled with the quilt. The second winner was Caroline Lasnier and Elva Lock- wood won the poodle baby quilt.

Visitors going through ranged from fellow quilters to those who did not sew at all but both categories could appreciate all the work needed to complete the works of art done in material.

The quilting store, FIls Amis, which is located in East Farnham, had a table where materials could be purchased.

After a two-year hiatus it was wonderful to have the quilt show on again. The church was able to surpass the goal set for the event. The next event on the social calendar will be a Strawberry Social on Saturday, June 18, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It will be on the grounds of the church.

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