Yamaska Valley Optimist Club Floral Fund-Raiser in progress

By Louise Smith

The Yamaska Valley Optimist Club is having a major fundraiser to support its youth projects. This floral fundraiser is replacing their annual Women’s Day Dinner.

Bouquets of flowers can be ordered, but they must be ordered and paid for by March 4. There are two choices. The first option is called “Breath of Spring” and it goes for $25. The second option is called “Joyful Mix” and it goes for $75. Orders can be placed at the club’s website, www.YVOC.ca.

Please support and spread the word to help make this campaign a success. The Yamaska Valley Optimist Club consists of a group of women whose main purpose and mission is to help the youth and children of the region of Brome-Missisquoi. This support manifests itself in the promotion of breakfast programs, scholarships, and the support of youth group homes, all of which are needed more now than ever in our region.

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