What’s behind the creative mind: Lucy Pietraszkiewicz

By Hannah Polinski

From Australian Dragon’s Blood to Canadian Labradorite, jeweler Lucy Pietraszkiewicz chooses her stones with care. Her handmade collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings is composed of semi-precious stones and pearls sourced from across the globe, bringing their energy right to her studio in Bolton-Ouest.

“I choose gemstones for their organic beauty rather than being perfect,” Pietraszkiewicz says. “I like embracing the imperfections of natural objects.”

While no two stones may be cut symmetrically, it’s hard to call her creations any less than perfect. Pietraszkiewicz describes her style as a very casual luxury, embracing a free-spirited bohemian flavour that is suited for functional everyday wear. Each piece is made to maximize the beauty of their unique natural stones, pairing nicely with either a plain t-shirt and jeans or a black cocktail dress.

“It gets loved, and doesn’t stay in a cupboard,” she says of her individual pieces. “It becomes part of the person who wears it.”

There’s an inherent power in creating art from materials that are one-of-a-kind. No two stones are the same, allowing her to create something new each time she sits down with her tools, based on the stone’s layering and colouring. Pietraszkiewicz is interested in their natural aspect, always working with small collections and quantities. No two pieces in her studio are identical, each possessing their own unique energy that is transmitted to their wearer.

While she has a background in nursing, Pietraszkiewicz has always made jewelry for herself, which expanded into a business when others began to express interest in her creations. Growing up surrounded by her mother’s threads and buttons from sewing projects, she learned to play with colour and texture from an early age.

Now as an artist, she finds beauty in the raw colour of each natural stone, and is inspired by vibrant tones found in nature. Living in the Eastern Townships, Pietraszkiewicz has no shortage of scenic landscapes to draw inspiration from.

“[Making jewelry] is my happy place,” she says. “It’s not always easy, because it has to be functional and have wearability. But I put on music and can spend hours there.”

To see a full range of her newest creations and some of her classic pieces, Pietraszkiewicz’s studio is accessible year-round by appointment, located at 3 Chemin de Glen, Bolton-Ouest. Her website is www.shoplucypietraszkiewicz.com.

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