What’s behind the creative mind: Constance Morgan

Mosaic artist and painter Constance Morgan was born in Trinidad, and moved to Canada in 1988. “I was always into art and creating,” Morgan mentions, “Even when I had my kids I was always creating and quilting and participating in all kinds of local shows.” At the time, Morgan was painting floor cloths, and several canvas paintings. While exploring her creative talents, Morgan saw a friend of hers, Benoît Paquette, had done stained glass, and would bring her his scraps of glass for her to create with. His girlfriend would create beautiful mosaic pieces that inspired Morgan. Through this, she fell in love with her new-found craft, mosaics. As a self-taught mosaic artist, Morgan learned through her own trial and error, as well as any and all books on the craft that she could get her hands on. Morgan, now, is an artist well versed in the two different art forms, both glass mosaics and painting.
Morgan attributes some of her pieces that she creates as coming from nature, whether it be flower photos that she has taken from her garden and recreated, or an idea that she comes across on her walks. “The walk frees yourself to be able to go into that quiet space and create”. Morgan mentions that anything from form, shapes, nature, and colour can inspire her. While at her studio in Bedford, Morgan creates pieces that are either drawn from colours she sees, or a piece of glass that has a motivating design, or consults her sketchbook to draw inspiration from her previous sketches. “I mostly work in the abstract, whether its lines and curves, or it will be flowers, or complete abstraction… I may change it, more often than not I will change the direction of where it’s going.” Through paintingand glass mosaics, and several different sources of inspiration, Morgan makes each piece unique.
Morgan has had numerous exhibitions in which she has shown her work. Most notably these include Le Boulevard des Arts, a new circuit that started this year. After seeing the call to apply in early March, she applied and was accepted to showcase her work. “It was so needed for artists in this area to exhibit their work locally.” Morgan mentions a great turnout of people, participants, and sales, and looks forward to the opportunity to participate again. Morgan has also participated in a variety of other circuits, as well as two solo shows in 2014 and 2018 with a mix of mosaic work and painting, and recently finished a collective show with four other mosaic artists in Dunham that ran from July 17 until August. Morgan is looking forward to being able to have a Christmas show coming up called Marché de Noel at the Bedford Lofts that will run from Nov. 26 to Nov. 28. She also looks forward to the possibility of creating a show with two other artists in the coming years. Along with preparation for this compelling Christmas show, Morgan is currently working on several commissions, all with their own unique premise. These include several abstract pieces and a specific nature piece of the outdoors.
Morgan encourages all that are interested in her work, and interested in commissions, to contact her through Instagram (constance_morgan_artist), email (sconstance.morgandk@gmail.com), or by phone (579-488-4134). Her studio, located in Bedford, is open to the public by appointment, and all can come in and buy pieces directly through her studio.

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