Welcome wagon in low gear for Dollarama expected in Brome Lake

By Taylor McClure

During the most recent Brome Lake council meeting, citizens were made aware that Dollarama is expected to establish a location in Brome Lake. While it’s rare to see a large retailer make its way to the village, Dollarama recently purchased a commercial lot next to the SAQ on Knowlton Road and they are expected to start construction in the fall. The move has caused a stir among some residents and it has left some business owners on the fence. 

“They are supposed to start building in September or October of this year right in front of the IGA to the right-hand side of the SAQ,” said Town of Brome Lake Mayor Richard Burcombe. “This just came about, about a month and a half ago.”

Since the lot is located close to a wetland and what is considered a more sensitive environment, the town gave Dollarama a minor derogation which represents how far it needs to build away from the sensitive area. “We gave them a minor derogation of 15 metres that has to be validated by the MRC and the Minister of Environment.” 

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