Waterloo Elementary School

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Waterloo Elementary School – Kindergarten & Grade 4 Buddies
Over the past few weeks, the grade 4 and kindergarten students at Waterloo Elementary School (WES) have been working together to make learning more interesting.

In February, during Black History Month, the grade 4’s presented their reports they had written about famous Black Canadians to the kindergarten class. The younger students were very attentive, and the grade 4 students found out what it was like to present to an audience.

In March, the grade 4’s took a Friday afternoon to read with the K4 & K5 students. Then in early April the grade 4 students became teachers and K5 became readers, when the K5 students were treated to some guided reading sessions with their older peers.

The most recent collaboration had the K4, K5 and Grade 4 classes working together on some creative writing pieces. What wonderful leadership from the Grade 4 buddies who were blown away by the creativity of their preschool peers!

We are so proud of our K4, K5, and grade 4 buddies, who are showing how working together, and helping each other can make school and learning a lot more fun! They are staying true to our school motto “Hand in Hand…Together We Can!”

Cabane à Sucre:
On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, the cafeteria at Waterloo Elementary School was transformed into a cabane à sucre with the delicious aroma of a traditional cabane à sucre meal prepared by our devoted parent volunteers. The students were served pea soup, ham, potatoes, maple syrup, milk and a delicious maple syrup cone for dessert.

It was wonderful to see the students enjoying their meals that were provided through a grant from the Ministry.

Our students, when asked if the food was delicious, rubbed their tummies and said “Oh, yes!”.

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