Waterloo Elementary provides a ‘compass’ to help students to find their way – New multifunctional room supports all students’ needs

By Taylor McClure Special to Brome County News

Waterloo Elementary School (WES) hopes to support the wide range of needs of all their students with its new Compass Room. After what was previously known as the Reset Room outgrew itself, WES recognized the need for a larger space to support all of its students and the Compass Room was born. The Compass Room will help support the emotional, social, and educational needs of WES students with the help of SET Caitlin Moynan. The room is divided into different sections that focus on various activities to help students overcome whatever obstacle they may be facing and to redirect their energy. The Compass Room is a new initiative, but a difference in the students is already being recognized.

The Compass Room was previously known as the Reset Room and when staff at WES witnessed first-hand the significant role the Reset Room played in the educational experience of students, they moved the Reset Room to a larger space to provide support to more than one group of students. 

“When we were able to get a space that was easier to manage, it made a big difference in which students we could accommodate, why they come here, and how they get to come here,” explained Adriana Lyons, principal of WES. “We moved a full-time person here for students to access the room at all times throughout the day because we have students with special needs that need a space to just let go.”

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