Waterloo Elementary brings audiences on adventure with movie premiere

By Taylor McClure - Special to Brome County News

For a third year in a row, Waterloo Elementary School’s (WES) K5 class held their movie premiere at the Maison de la Culture with this year’s film titled Dream an Adventure. Under the guidance of teachers Natalie Barr and Lysa Fournier, and in collaboration with TV Communautaire Waterloo, over 25 kindergarten students had a chance to show off their acting skills to the community, friends, and family. This year, WES organized three different viewings in respect of Covid guidelines with two viewings completely selling out. As always, the group created something special for the community, highlighting the importance of friendship, courage, and never giving up.

Barr put together a film with her K5 class for two years before having the chance to collaborate with Fournier on this production. She initiated the project after being inspired by her class three years ago. “I probably would have never had the idea, but they were such an amazing class, they are now in Grade three,” said Barr. “They were so artistic, so open minded, fun, and I’d be out walking in the woods thinking about them on my free time and that’s when I got the idea to showcase how cute they are. Their movie was called The Adventure and then every year I thought it would be neat if the word adventure was in it as a tribute to this group.”

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