Two Potton firefighters receive medal from Governor General of Canada

By Mable Hastings

Two Potton firefighters, Jean-Francois Giroux and Shawn Pouliot were decorated with a medal for 20 years of Exemplary Fire Service by the Governor General of Canada. The medals were presented to the two men by the Potton Municipal Council and Mayor on Monday evening, October 4 prior to their monthly meeting.
“The two men started in the department in 2000 and are now pillars of the department,” said James Bouthillier Prevention Officer for the Municipality of Potton in regards to the two firefighters honoured on Monday evening.
Since 1992 Potton Firefighters and First Responders have been providing fire safety and multi faceted rescue services in the area. From the original members to those who make up the present team, the services provided have evolved and expanded regularly in keeping residents safe. From the Jaws of Life, defibrillators installed throughout the township, a side-by-side rescue vehicle and more, the team evolves with the needs and environment.
Becoming a Firefighter and/or First Responder requires training and commitment. The dedication and desire to keep neighbours safe motivates those who choose to pursue this role and it takes a special person to make the safety of others a top priority. Those with a family will tell you that while the firefighter and first responder are the ones providing fire and safety measures, their families must also be credited for their understanding and support in encouraging a loved one to take on this commitment.
Giroux and Pouliot have become familiar faces at many of Potton’s emergency calls over the years. The two men have their own businesses and yet remain devoted to keeping Pottoneers safe when called upon.
“As a third-year volunteer from another Municipality who has often called upon Shawn Pouliot for support, I am so happy that he and Giroux have been honoured with this special medal,” said Celie Cournoyer, a First Responder from Brome Lake.
The Municipality of Potton Mayor and Council extends its appreciation and pride in the efforts of Giroux and Pouliot in providing twenty years of service in keeping Potton residents safe and it takes this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers who make up Potton’s Firefighters and First Responder team.
“I could not work with a better group of people,” said Bouthillier. “Potton has every reason to be proud and it speaks volumes regarding the commitment of our team when members reach twenty years of service,” he added.





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