Town of Waterloo participates in study on sustainable practices

BCN Staff

The Town of Waterloo plans to study the potential for the implementation of the BNQ 21000 standard for cities and municipalities to manage sustainable development. The approach of this standard aims to guide and equip organizations according to the principles of sustainable development in all spheres, strategies and management practices.

In 2022, Waterloo will participate in a research project as part of a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Sherbrooke’s School of Management, in collaboration with two other towns, Contrecoeur and Varennes. The purpose of this study is to examine the use of the BNQ 21000 standard in Quebec cities and municipalities.

“The concept of sustainable development has become a pillar when we talk about the future of our municipality. Our participation in this project will allow us to structure and align our vision of territorial, economic, social and cultural development, while considering the environment. We believe that this can be beneficial in ensuring a dynamic, strong, resilient and sustainable living environment,” stated mayor Jean-Marie Lachapelle.

The process will allow the city to define its management framework according to its own priorities, ensuring that they are linked to the various policies and plans, such as the water management plan, the urban plan, the downtown revitalization plan, the cultural policy and the family policy, while aligning them with the UN’s sustainable development goals to facilitate and support a consistent shift towards the future.



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