Town of Brome Lake wants to fill the streets with music

By Taylor McClure  Special to Brome County News 

Under the gazebo located in Coldbrook Park a new piano takes centre stage. With entertainment being cut this summer due to the pandemic, the Town of Brome Lake wanted to give citizens something to look forward to; now it’s their turn to fill the streets with music. 

“We found someone who was selling a piano. We thought it would be a good idea to have one in the park this summer because of everything that is going on and not being able to have as many shows as we would have liked,” said Martin Carrier, who works for the town. 

Carrier said that the piano is meant to give something back to the community. “It’s a way to give something to people who can come and play, have fun, enjoy the piano and enjoy the park.” 

Everyone is welcome to sit down and play a tune. The piano is locked at the end of the night and unlocked each morning for a day of music.

To give the piano a long-lasting life, it will be covered by a tarp to protect it from any rainy weather and stored away for the winter. Until then, the town hopes that people will make use of it.  “It’s been in the park only for a few days and people have enjoyed it. 

While there are no planned shows or specific events planned with the piano so far, things may change in the near future. “It will be there for the rest of the summer and maybe we will bring it back in the spring. We will see about that later. It’s still new and it’s still fresh so we have to make a plan about how we will use it,” emphasized Carrier. 

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