Sutton Volunteer Centre finds new home in Olivet Baptist Church

By Taylor McClure
Special to Brome County News

The Sutton Volunteer Centre (CAB), a non-profit organization, has been housed in the John Sleeth building in Sutton’s downtown core for many years but with the condition of the building called into question, the organization has been on the search for a new home. After first meeting with the Olivet Baptist Church in October of 2019, also analyzing its future, both groups recently came to an agreement that will see the congregation donating its space to the volunteer organization to continue to serve the communities of Sutton and Abercorn.
“We’re still currently in the John Sleeth building but it’s common knowledge the building will eventually need to be upgraded and no one knows what’s going to happen,” explained Janna Hubacek, Director of CAB. “We need stability and a roof over our heads to provide services to the community.”
The group has been renting out the space at the Olivet Baptist Church for activities since October 2019 at a time when the congregation was also looking ahead to its future. The congregation wanted to keep its space alive in order for the building to continue to serve the community and the group finally came to an agreement to hand over the space to CAB on May 16. “This is a new step for us and a vision we’ve had with our strategic plan since 2017. It will allow us to create a community space that’s open to all where people feel welcome to drop in. It will really allow us to grow our services.”
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