Sutton municipal park restrictions frustrate residents

By Michael Boriero

The town of Sutton recently announced that the Goyette-Hill Park chalet will be off-limits to residents from June 28 to Aug. 22, as the local day camp overtook the facility to accommodate 95 children on Monday.
While the surrounding park area will be open to everyone, the town also placed tempo tents — giant, gazebo-like fixtures — in the dek hockey rink. And they blocked off a two-hour period, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., at the public swimming pool for day camp users during the week.
The sudden decision has left many residents, mainly parents with young children, disgruntled and confused by the lack of communication from the town’s municipal council. Caitlin Levesque-Pegg said the facility was open last summer at the peak of the pandemic.
“It’s the fact that we don’t have access to somewhere that is shaded to be able to change, so we’re going to end up doing the towel in the corner and changing our kids outside from their wet bathing suits or vice versa,” she said.

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