Recognizing Brome-Missisquoi volunteers

BCN Staff

During the week of Dec. 5, which marked International Volunteer Day, 18 volunteers from Brome-Missisquoi were recognized by MNA Isabelle Charest for their contributions to their communities.

The selected volunteers will be received at the MNA’s office in January 2022 and as a thank you for their involvement they will be presented with a gift set containing local products from the Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska MRCs.

The recipients are:
• Stephen Sullivan – Chevaliers de Colomb de Waterloo — Conseil 2077
• Sylvain St-Onge – Cadets de Waterloo — 291 CCMRC
• Renée Laflamme – Centre Alpha Haute-Yamaska
• Marc-André Messier – Comité loisirs et sports de Saint-Armand
• Céline Duval – AFEAS de Granby
• Bertrand Huiban – Dynamique des Handicapés de Granby et Région
• Lynda Hoyt Gocher – Jardin d’enfants de Sutton
• Marguerite Choquette – FADOQ Bedford et région
• Max Gagnon – Centre d’action bénévole de Sutton
• Christiane Bourque – FADOQ des Deux-Monts
• Frances Champigny – Association des Personnes Handicapées Physiques de Brome-Missisquoi
• Nicole Morin – Regroupement Soutien aux Aidants de Brome-Missisquoi
• Stephen Jones – Yamaska Literacy Council
• Jean Trudeau – Café Sans Frontières de Saint-Armand
• Hamish Campbell – Camp Garagona
• Jean-Rémi Brault – Association de la Culture et du Patrimoine d’Abercorn
• Robert Fontaine & Robert Trusdell Diabète Brome-Missisquoi et Haut-Richelieu

“The pandemic has reminded us how important volunteers are in our community. They make a real difference by giving
the most precious thing of all: time,” stated Charest in a press releasse.

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