Quilted placemats to be delivered soon

By Louise Smith

On Friday morning, Chantal Lapointe, one of the main directors of Popote Roulante in Cowansville came to Ingeborg Fulford’s house with her grand daughter Olivia Wheeler to pick up over 150 quilted fabric placemats that Ingeborg and a team of eight other crafters had made during the past year.

Chantal was impressed with the quality and the beautiful colours within each placemat. The distribution of the placemats will occur with the Easter meal to the regular customers of Popote Roulante.
This service, bolstered with a large group of dedicated volunteers, operates out of Ste. Therese Church in Cowansville.

As seniors choose to stay home as long as possible, Popote Roulante, which delivers three hot lunches a week for a reasonable cost, is a mainstay for many to be able to stay at home. Ingeborg and her fellow quilters wanted to add a little cheer to the Easter delivery that would last throughout the year.

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