Pettes Memorial Library turns page to begin a new chapter Board of trustees launches fundraising campaign for future expansion project

By Taylor McClure Special to Brome County News

The board of trustees of Pettes Memorial Library is launching a major fundraising campaign to raise $1.5 million to finance the future expansion of the library. The total cost of the expansion project is $5.2 million with $3.2 million needed to build an addition on the back side of the building, leading into Coldbrook Park, and another $2 million needed for the institution’s operating budget. The goal with the new addition is to bring Pettes Memorial Library, the first and oldest rural institution in Quebec, up to date with modern facilities and technological equipment to support the needs of future generations and the activities of important community organizations. 

“We suffer from a lack of space and we are frequently approached by community groups who have great ideas to launch programs, but we have to say ‘that’s great, but sorry we don’t have the space,” explained Jane Livingston, chairwoman of the board of trustees, at last Thursday’s press conference. 

With the fundraising campaign underway, the trustees hope that they will be able to raise the necessary funds to get the expansion project started. The expansion has already received support from the Town of Brome Lake with a financial sum of $1 million, from Desjardins, through its GoodSpark Fund, who has contributed $250,000, and by various private donors and organizations who have helped raise $1.4 million. They have also sent in a request to the Ministry of Culture and Communications for a grant of $1.3 million. 

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