Parkview students sell stories for community food bank

By Taylor McClure Special to Brome County News

A group of Grade 3 Parkview Elementary students recently incorporated support for their community with learning, raising $620 for SOS Dépannage Moisson Granby; a non-profit organization that provides support by providing food to those who are facing a difficult situation. What started off as two students selling stories at recess for fun, eventually turned into a significant initiative that teacher Julie Rossignol hopes to continue with her students in the future and to encourage other teachers to hop on board. 

“It wasn’t my idea. Two kids started writing stories at recess and they started selling them for 25 cents each just to have some money for themselves,” explained Rossignol. 

When a few other students started to take notice, they wanted to get involved but suggested raising money for an organization or charity. “You know those nights where you get a great idea?” 

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