Massey-Vanier scholarships and bursaries handed out on Wednesday night

By Louise Smith
Massey-Vanier scholarships and bursaries handed out on Wednesday night
Fifty-nine lucky graduating students at Massey-Vanier shared over $118,000 in bursaries and scholarships. (Photo : Louise Smith)

On Wednesday, June 1, after a two-year absence of a live presentation, the Massey-Vanier Scholarship and Bursaries Evening was once again held in the auditorium on campus. A volunteer group of individuals, since 2001, has been behind the development of this substantial program. English speaking students have to leave the area to attend school in post secondary education. Their expenses are quite high. This year $118,000 was handed out to 59 recipients.

The co-chairs of the committee, Susan McLean and Roxanne Charette opened the evening praising the sustained and loyal support of the community at large. They wanted to give a profound appreciation to loyal donors who generously support Massey-Vanier graduates wishing to further their formal education beyond high school. They also thanked the dedicated volunteers who, without their help and support and work, the evening would not have been possible.

The first section of the evening was for memorial presentations given in memory of family and friends who had a connection with Massey-Vanier or the broader school community. Thirty-four bursaries and scholarships were memorials. This section was then followed by 57 awards from communities and businesses. Fifteen towns and municipalities supported bursaries in the next part of the program. The English side of Massey- Vanier represents all of these fifteen towns and municipalities. There were then 18 Eastern Townships Educators’ Awards. The evening ended with seventeen Massey-Vanier school awards and prizes representing each discipline taught at the high the extensive level of scholarships school excluding sports, which were honoured on a separate evening.

Not many high schools have the extensive level of scholarships and bursaries which can rival the generosity of supporters of Massey- Vanier graduates.

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