March happenings at Heroes’ Memorial

By Louise Smith

As COVID restrictions are starting to lessen, activities are coming back. There are plans for a dance for senior students next month. For over a year, such an event could not even be considered.
On St. Patrick’s Day green ice cream was given to each student in the school in the afternoon. Quite a few got in to the “green spirit” and dressed in green for the day. The ice cream was an added bonus.
Last Sunday afternoon, March 20, the Opti-Genie competition was held at Heroes’ Memorial School. The competition was organized by the Cowansville Optimist Club. The competition was with other local schools and was in French. Heroes’ team of Leila Stefano, Elena Trudeau-Labonte, and Elizabeth Simard came in third. Onyx Law, the fourth member of the team, was absent that day.
Students have missed out on many events over the past two years. They have been pretty resilient, but it is good for them to have extra curricular activities once more available to them.

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