Mansonville Elementary School is off to a busy start!

The Scoop

By Mable Hastings

On Friday, Oct. 1, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mansonville Elementary School students: Zennon Fournier who is assuming the role of school reporter this year assisted by Jacob Lucaus Vanier and Kenneth Clifford Jr. as well as Student Council President, Phenix Gauvin. The election of a student council was held on Sept. 21 and along with Phenix, Amelya Jersey was elected vice-president, Maddox Blinn Pouliot and Blayke Lachapelle are sharing the role of secretary with other roles to be distributed at the first official meeting.
“I’m proud to be the President of the Student Council,” said Phenix Gauvin. “I know that I need to serve as a model for the other students.” He then added, “It will be hard but I will do my best.”
The first official return to school was on Aug. 31 where the 20 Mansonville Elementary students were treated to a big breakfast as well as “get to know you” bulldog and Bingo. A team building scavenger hunt around the town ending in a popsicle treat at the store as well as a school wide chalk art project were also added to the day.
“Even though we were happy to be returning to school we were a little disappointed that we had to wear masks,” said Fournier.
On Sept. 3 there was an outdoor nature and camping activity with cycle 1 and 2 partaking in activities in the pond including kayak, paddle board and floating tubes. The group also played in the sand and in the park. Cycle 3 class did kayak as well as a lemonade stand to raise money for their end of year trip.
“I would give this activity day an “A”, said Jacob Vanier. “It was really fun and it was nice to do a day like that with all of our friends together.”
Lunch hour hockey for Cycle 3 students animated by teacher, Dan Aucoin has started and the students are excited to take part in this activity.
On Sept. 15 there was a Bus Safety activity for Cycle 1 students who were invited to the Baluchon French School to take part with the students there. Animated by Quebec Provincial Police Sargent, Steeve Cote, the students learned about safe ways to enter and exit from the bus.
Sept. 17 was the Terry Fox Run and “Vendredi Fou” activity. For the Terry Fox Run the students did laps and each lap completed the student received a stamp in his or her “passport” to represent each Province that Canadian hero Terry Fox ran through. For the “Vendredi Fou” part of the activity the students dressed like athletes from a variety of sports and came up with some great costumes.
“My little brother Ronin had a costume representing many sports all at the same time and it was awesome,” shared Zennon Fournier.
On Sept. 23 the school held a meet the teacher and family BBQ at the school with a great turnout as parents mingled and enjoyed hotdogs and corn prepared and served by the teachers. The school welcomes two new staff to the team, Jessica Frappied who is the Phys.Ed, Sciences and Social Studies teacher as well as Veronique Mercier who is working with the Pre-Kindergarten group.
On Sept. 30 the students participated in the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, where the teachers read and discussed the meaning of the day with each class and an assembly was held.
Mansonville Elementary School is off to a busy start indeed!

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