Knowlton entrepreneur makes it her ‘Mission’ to help her community feel good

By Taylor McClure

Katrina Cote, owner of the popular Toro Graphix in Knowlton, is expanding her business ventures with a new nutritional shake bar in the village. After starting her own health and fitness journey and losing 60 pounds, many people approached Cote asking for her secret , which prompted her to take on clients. Now she’s gearing up to share her secret with the rest of Brome Lake by launching Mission Knowlton Bar Santé to offer various types of shakes and teas filled with nutrients and the opportunity to be coached by Cote. 

“I started protein shakes, became healthier, and I lost a lot of weight and people started asking me questions. I’m coaching over 70 people now which is not what I planned on doing,” explained Cote. “I just started doing this to feel happier, to have more energy, and more confidence. I feel so much better. All of these women and men asked me what I did”

After taking on this new coaching role, the next step for Cote was to launch Mission. “The next step in the business was to open up my own shake bar like Activ8 (located in Waterloo). Since we already have Toro Graphix, I thought that it would be easy to put them side by side.” 

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