Is it garage ‘saling”or garage ‘sailing’?

By Louise Smith
Is it garage ‘saling”or garage ‘sailing’?
Six tables were rented for a large garage sale at Emmanuel United Church last weekend. It became a stop for weekend garage sale adventurers (Photo : Louise Smith)

Summer is associated with warmer temperatures and vacation time, but it is also the season of garage sales. In Cowansville, for the past several years, no permits are needed for garage sales, but they can only be held the first weekend of the month.

People put out what is no longer of need, and, it seems, a steady stream of potential customers drive around searching out bargains and /or special ‘treasures’.

So many people go about, that the weekend practice, of going from sale to sale, has become a verb. Now comes the tricky part. If you are going from sale to sale are you ‘saling’ or because you are on an adventure, and journeying from place to place, are you ‘sailing’? Either way, both vendors and buyers, by the end of the day are usually happy. The sellers have less to put away and some newly acquired cash, and the buyers have purchases that bring smiles to their faces. Ah, the joys of summer!

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