Interesting recycling at Gabrielle-Giroux-Bertrand Library in Cowansville

By Louise Smith

The library in Cowansville has been collecting used batteries for years. It is so important to keep batteries out of landfill and to recycle them. But the initiative to reduce the environmental footprint of the library keeps on growing. As you enter the library through the doors on John Street, a large shelf with various labeled drawers, is well designated for recycling items that often get thrown out. The metal tabs from drink cans, empty prescription pill bottles, eyeglasses, plastic bread tags, stamps, mandala colouring books, and other colouring books are being accepted.
The library gets its name from Gabrielle-Girouz-Bertrand who was born in Cowansville, and who grew up in the area, marrying Jean-Jacques Bertrand who was the Premier of Quebec, under the Union Nationale Party, from 1968 to 1970. Gabrielle also entered politics as a Progressive Conservative at the national level. She represented Brome-Missisquoi from 1984 to 1993. It was named in her honour in the year 2000.
Outside the library, on South Street, is a plaque honouring Rev. John Peacock, who was one of the founders of the original library in the town of Cowansville. Rev. Peacock was an Anglican minister and he was also a co-founder of the Missisquoi Community School which has been running for 76 years. It has been on hiatus the past two COVID years and it is hoped that it will commence again next September.

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