Give It Some Time: Local songwriter releases new album

BCN Staff

When Patricia St-Onge was finishing up the recording on her debut album, back in December of 2019, she had no idea how perfect the title she chose would be. She named the album Give It Some Time, and thanks to Covid, that’s exactly what she had to do! Now, she can’t wait any longer to officially launch it and we can finally hear her play through it, live on Dec.16!

Patricia St-Onge is a well-known performer in the Eastern Townships. She began dancing as a kid in Mansonville and quickly distinguished herself as one of the best cloggers in the province, winning many championships. This gave her confidence to branch out as a performer and she became not just a dancer, but a singer as well and even took roles in many plays. You might remember her from her roles in Knowlton Players’ pantomimes and dinner theatres, or lending her talent to countless benefit concerts. Many know her as a choreographer and dance teacher as she ran a successful dance studio of her own called Legworks, which she had to close for Covid reasons. Still others remember her as part of the trio “The Lovely Brothers” with Sheila McManus and Laura Teasdale. Needless to say, most Townshippers have seen Patricia on stage at some point.

She has always been a performer who could be counted on when the chips were down. Her talented family members were always there too, and her Mom (who passed away just a few years ago) proudly recording every performance.

So when Patricia finally set aside some time to record her own songs at the studio of sound engineering genius John Cameron, there was a long line of musicians who jumped on board to help her. The list includes Shannon McGovern, Sheila Quinn, Bruno Audet, Sheila McManus, Laura Teasdale, John Cameron and Rusty James and some of these talented musicians will be her guests at the launch. As an added bonus, Patricia’s daughter Emma Lee St-Onge Audet, herself a brilliant young musician, will perform alongside her mom!

St-Onge looks forward to an evening of music, friends and laughter celebrating this album she holds so dear to her heart. She wrote these songs through good times and bad, through great love and great loss. Together we can catch a glimpse of the person behind the friendly smile and effortless talent.

The launch of Give It Some Time is Thursday, Dec. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Lakeview Inn (50 Rue Victoria, Lac Brome). Tickets are $20 and you can get them by calling or texting (450) 204-0203. Or leave Patricia St-Onge a message on Facebook. Seating will be limited as Covid rules will apply.

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