Fulford News

After a long lull due to the pandemic, Fulford Community Club is springing back into action with plans for a welcoming “Meet your Neighbour” get-together. As well, new ideas and volunteers would be much appreciated and ran easily make contact at FulfordQC@gmail.com. Please join us!

Best wishes to Art and Aleda (nee Lace) Wright on their 65th wedding anniversary. Although they moved to the U.S.A. years ago, they have always visited and maintained contact with family and friends.

Fulford Community Club donated to the Yamaska Valley Optimist Club ‘s flower-vending fundraiser which celebrated lntenational Women’s Day. Judy Henderson is president of the YVOC.

A big event occurred in fulford in 1947, 75 years ago electricity finally flowed through the lines.

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