Fresh agricultural produce straight from your local farmers Marché D’Ici du Lac-Brome kicks off its 2021 season

By Taylor McClure

Marché D’Ici du Lac-Brome, the local farmers’ market, will celebrate its opening weekend on June 5. Organized by les Marchés D’Ici for a third year, the non-profit organization supporting local agricultural production and a good standard of living for farmers,  is celebrating 20 years this year. The market will once again be held in the parking lot of Theatre Lac-Brome. The market plays an important role in the community and organizers are hoping for a successful year with some new additions. 

“Often farmers’ markets are young, they have three or four years of life, but Lac-Brome is about 10 or 12 years old and since the very first day it started, people went to that market,” said Diane Seguin, founder of les Marché D’Ici and the head of its board of directors. “It’s a really good market for producers because it’s important for them to have direct contact with their clients to explain what they do. When you’re a client and you speak to the producer you can understand all the work there is to produce a carrot, a steak, a meal.”

Seguin emphasized that it’s important for the community to know the people behind the product. “They will be there each week and if you are not satisfied or have a question they are there to answer. You have a guarantee and more security about who produces the product. There is traceability; who made the product, who they are, and where they are. That is a guarantee and that is important for me. The campaign in Quebec to buy from local producers is all about that.”

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