Forty-three Students honoured on Friday at Heroes’ Memorial

Louise Smith
Forty-three Students honoured on Friday at Heroes’ Memorial
Forty-three students at Heroes’ Memorial School were honoured by the Legion and the Yamaska Literary Council for their prize-winning posters and writing for Remembrance Day. (Photo : Louise Smith)

Forty-three students from grades one through grade six were honoured last Friday for their prize winning posters and writing for Remembrance Day. The prizes were delayed as provincial results were pending, but finally the recognition could be done.

Robert Bouthot, President of the Royal Canadian Legion, branch no. 99, in Cowansville, and Wendy Seys of the Yamaska Literacy Council, were there to hand out the prizes. It was the first assembly for the new principal, Katrina Paxton.

The assembly opened with the sing- ing of O Canada and the students sang robustly. It is tradition to open assemblies with the singing of the national anthem.

Each winner received five dollars from the Legion along with a provincial pin with the crest of the Legion with a pen and a paintbrush crossing behind the crest.

They also received a book mark from the Legion, but that was not all. Vicky Bouthot was a very active volunteer for the Legion as well as having been Robert’s wife. She was also an employee of the Yamaska Literacy Council. To hon- our her memory, the Yamaska Literary Council donated a book to each of the 43 winners.

The assembly ended with Mr. Villeneuve, the gym teacher, announcing the teams for the various activities in the upcoming track and field event.

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