Follow up to Popote Roulante Placemat production – Ingeborg on CBC Radio

By Louise Smith

The Brome County News is well-read, both in print and online. Alison Brunette, from the CBC radio program Break Away which originates in Sherbrooke, read about Ingeborg Fulford and her project to donate 150 placemats to Popote Roulante in Cowansville for Easter. She contacted Ingeborg Fulford and last Monday night, the 21st of February, Ingeborg was interviewed by Alison Brunette for her show. Ingeborg spoke of her quilting group and their contribution to the placemat project and she spoke of the volunteer driving that her husband, Jim Fulford, had done for years for the Popote Roulante program in Cowansville. Ingeborg’s daughter, Alice, later told her mom that she had never noticed her strong Danish accent until she heard her speaking on the radio. Ingeborg was a bit nervous at first, but Alison put her at ease and the interview went by quickly.

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