ETSB On the Road! launches new programming

BCN Staff

The Eastern Townships School Board recently participated in School Perseverance Week in Quebec, a time to encourage learners of all ages to persevere in their studies. For adults who want to return to continue their education, perseverance often begins long before they enter a classroom. The Eastern Townships School Board’s “ETSB on the Road Again ” project aims to reach English-speaking adults (16 years plus) in Brome-Missisquoi & Haute-Yamaska and support them on their chosen learning path.

The partnership between the Yamaska Literacy Council and the Eastern Townships Adult General Education (ETAGE) addresses the challenges many adults face in returning to school, and provides practical solutions to support people to reach their goals.

Says Maude Danis Coulombe, ETSB’s Coordinator in Adult Education, “There are many paths to lifelong learning. Adults have everyday life and responsibilities to deal with; sometimes this makes it difficult to return to school. Starting in March, we will offer a series of workshops, short courses and events to reach out to potential learners and help them explore options. Additionally, we can offer wrap-around services that include academic and guidance counselling, access to free tutoring, tours of the Brome-Missisquoi Campus, free transportation and other support”.

“Some adults feel more comfortable to learn outside of a formal school setting. There are many reasons: lack of (or cost of) transportation, financial barriers, learning preferences, anxiety, etc. We reach out to people who may be struggling with low literacy skills, and offer services and support to help them reach their goals,” says Wendy Seys, Executive Director of the Yamaska Literacy Council (YLC), a community-based adult literacy organization servicing Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska since 1981.
Choose the Learning Path that is right for you? Not sure? We can help.

If you know someone who wants to go back to school, tell them about these opportunities.

For more information about the ETSB on the Road Again Project, contact Maude Danis Coulombe, coordinator in Adult Education of the Eastern Townships School Board 450-577-1090, or visit the website at

For more information about literacy services available, contact the Yamaska Literacy Council, 450-263-7503/866-337-7503, or

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