ETownships sticks to its mission while helping break social isolation with new terrace

By Taylor McClure
Special to Brome County News

Sticking to its mission, ETownships has built its own terrace outside the store to create a community space where people can gather while enjoying local products. After much success in its first year, the business is also looking to change things up with a few new additions for the summer season, including grab-and-go meals, an outdoor fruit and vegetable stand, and live entertainment.
At the heart of its mission, ETownships is all about supporting and promoting local businesses, which was a major goal in constructing its own terrace. It was also about helping the people in the local community. “Part of the project was to help people with isolation,” said Virginia Wilson, owner of ETownships. “We wanted to create an area and a space where people could meet up with other people, whether they buy bread or anything else; a community deck if you will.”
Wilson used local contractors from Bromont and Cowansville to complete the project and put the finishing touches on the landscaping a couple of weeks ago. “We wanted to revitalize the look of the building. It was falling apart and the landlord has been gracious in updating the outside exterior to make it more commercial.”

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