Emmanuel United’s ‘Welcome Project’ supportive of Logan Royea’s shelter drive

By Louise Smith

Twelve-year-old Knowlton resident Logan Laguë’s pay it forward initiative to help the homeless, has inspired many to reach out to him or to provide similar support. Logan has had local coverage and he has been on the tv news as well.

Emmanuel United Church in Cowansville has established a Welcome Project to help support new immigrant arrivals in our area. Part of the project was the collection of warm winter clothing . Many “new neighbours” were able to benefit from the selection of coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. Most of the immigrants are experiencing winters like ours, for the first time.

The core group running the Welcome Project saw the write-up on Logan Royea. As the winter clothing drive was coming to an end, and the projection that few new immigrants were arriving in the near future, it was decided that the balance of the clothing should go towards Logan’s project.

Vicky Duke and Darlene Halfyard had Logan’s mother, Cynthia Royea, and his grandmother come over to the church last Wednesday, In the bitter cold a van was loaded with winter clothes and some warm blankets from the shelves in the Welcome Room. These donations will continue to let Logan Royea help out others.

Vicky wants to thank the kind and generous people who are continuing to support their local project. Further donations of pillows, bedding, towels, etc. are still being received to help when new immigrants arrive and they need to get started in their new surroundings.

There is so much “bad” news around, and it is joyful to be able to report on the generosity of members of our community in action.

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