Elva Lockwood, longtime Townships resident, is leaving for Ontario

By Louise Smith
Elva Lockwood, longtime Townships resident, is leaving for Ontario
Elva Lockwood, long-time Townships resident, is leaving the Townships for Ontario but she will never forget her connection to this area. (Photo : Louise Smith)

Elva Lockwood has lived in many places during her lifetime, but most of her best memories are from her time living in the Eastern Townships. Elva was born in Danville, and that is where she started her teaching career. She has also lived in Asbestos, Knowlton, North Carolina, Winston-Salem, Knowlton again, and Cowansville. She is moving to Ontario later in July to be closer to her family.

Elva was a teacher for thirty-three years. She always enjoyed her time in the classroom. She loved teaching. Elva loved the children and she is pretty certain that they liked her. When she was first in Knowlton, she taught in Knowlton Academy for five years.

She feels that the best part about the Eastern Townships is that it is so easy to know many people.

Friendliness is second nature to so many in the area. She will greatly miss the Townships because this area has been such an important part of her life,

Elva will be missed by her friends and neighbours when she leaves. She has become very involved with Emmanuel United Church in Cowansville,

It is hoped that some return visits will happen in the future, but Elva will not be forgotten. She is also echoing that the Township area will never go forgotten on her behalf either. She has felt rooted in this area and she will take a part of it with her in her memories.

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