Eastman officially adopts its first family-seniors policy

BCN Staff

The Municipality of Eastman adopted its very first family-seniors’ policy and action plan.

In 2019, the family-seniors committee, under the direction of the municipality, surveyed its citizens, residents and vacationers over 12-years-old, to acquire a good database for the development of its family-senior policy. The themes of the development of public spaces, the diversification of the residential offer, recreation and community life, as well as transport and safety were among others discussed. The municipality had more than 300 respondents to its survey. 

As part of a citizen consultation, a focus group was also conducted in order to explore certain needs in depth and explore potential avenues for solutions. 

The results, findings and issues of this data collection, as well as the deliberations of the family-seniors committee and the decisions of the city council are found in la Politique pour les familles et les aînés d’Eastman. 

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