Double Celebration with tree planting at Heroes’ Memorial

By Louise Smith
Double Celebration with tree planting at Heroes’ Memorial
A selection of students, some of whom will see the apple tree produce fruit before they graduate in a few years, were at the tree planting ceremony on Wednesday. (Photo : Louise Smith)

Members of the Fordyce Women’s Institute, of the Missisquoi County Women’s Institutes, joined with a selection of students outside Heroes’ Memorial School on Wednesday morning. A red MacIntosh tree was planted to celebrate two momentous occasions.

This year marks the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Federation of Women’s Institutes in Canada. Next September begins the Centennial of the building of Heroes’ Memorial School , which was first called Cowansville High School. Its name changed when Massey-Vanier opened. Next year the celebrations at Heroes’ Memorial will continue starting in the fall.

While at the school on Wednesday, Missisquoi County President Louise Smith and Past Provincial President Elizabeth Milroy handed out county and provincial certificates and prizes to winners in the Quebec Women’s Institutes annual story writing contest.

After a two year hiatus the graduating class will have a graduation ceremony and a prom dance on Friday, June 17. It is just another indication that we are slowly getting back to “normal”.

See page 9 for winners of the story writing contest.

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