CIDI-FM raises community voice to new levels

By Taylor McClure Special to Brome County News

CIDI-FM, a non-profit English-language community radio station with French programming that broadcasts at 99.1 FM in Brome Lake, released its president’s report for the period starting Sept. 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2020 that shows the group has come a long way since hitting a slump five years ago. Not your typical radio, CIDI-FM is about providing quality music and educational programs that Townshippers can relate to. With new programming being produced by creative staff, updated equipment, grant support, and more future improvements, CIDI is continuing to work hard to provide unique and quality local radio for the Eastern Townships.  

“CIDI started off in 2008, I believe that is when the first show was broadcast, and they put their tower up in 2010,” said Brian Herman, president of the board of directors. “I was a supporter back then, they were great people. But by 2015, CIDI had hit a rough patch with low income and low morale.”

After calling a meeting in the summer of 2015 on Turkey Hill Farm to discuss rejuvenating CIDI, where 25 people showed up, and another meeting in Cowansville a few weeks later where 50 people showed up, members of CIDI knew the station needed to stick around. “We could see that the community didn’t want CIDI to disappear.”

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