CAB Sutton seeks to make new space a home

By Taylor McClure Special to Brome County News

The Sutton Volunteer Centre (CAB Sutton), whose services include Meals on Wheels, the food bank, community cafés, the collective kitchen, intergenerational activities, family services, and outreach work, was gifted the Olivet Church May 16 to carry out its community project Maison des générations-Olivet House. Looking to create a new space that will support the needs of CAB Sutton while also allowing it to expand its programs and services, the group is now launching a fundraising campaign to adapt the building to better serve the communities of Sutton and Abercorn.
The total cost of the project is $750,000 and the goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise $70,000 within the local community. Its first fundraising activity is Go Bare Foot for the CAB and collaborating with Laure Waridel, eco-sociologist and spokesperson for the project, CAB Sutton hopes to enter a new era.

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