Business groups call for government assistance for businesses

BCN Staff

The Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce (CCB-M) and the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) have reiterated the need for the Quebec government to quickly provide financial assistance to businesses affected by new measures that have recently been announced.

“This announcement is a new blow for businesses in the Brome-Missisquoi region. Businesses in the sectors affected by the restrictions have invested significant amounts of money to comply with the sanitary measures for over a year. Financial assistance is essential to avoid the worst. Indeed, if we don’t come to the aid of the many affected businesses quickly, they may never be able to recover,” stated Marc-André Lacroix, executive director of the CCB-M, in the press release.

The CCB-M and the TFCCQ are also asking the various levels of government to do everything possible to accelerate the offer of the third dose of vaccination and the distribution of rapid tests.

“I wish to express our admiration for all managers who must once again review the plans in effect in their respective organizations. The year 2021 was, until the very end, full of challenges, particularly in the areas of human resources and occupational health and safety work. The entire Quebec economic community can only salute your ability to adapt and your valuable contribution to the resilience of our businesses,” stated Charles Milliard, president and director of the FCCQ.

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