Bruck Museum launches first art exhibition of the year

BCN Staff

For its first art exhibition of 2022, the Bruck Museum is presenting Impermanence by local artist Ewa Scheer. Sheer, a resident of Sutton, holds an MFA from the University of Regina and a BFA from Ryerson University in Toronto. Her portraits have been finalists for the Kingston Prize and her ice paintings have been featured in a television documentary and in visual and musical performances. She has exhibited widely in Canada, the United States and Europe.

According to the press release, the exhibition will run from Feb. 10 to April 16 and the grand opening will take place on Feb. 19 from 2 to 4 p.m.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Scheer presents two distinct bodies of work that share a poetic vision of the impermanence of things and the contemplation of the passing of time.

Her portrait series “Imago Historicus” invites visitors to encounter the penetrating gaze of costumed figures set in a historical context. These enigmatic paintings are contemporary, since living models have lent themselves to the artist’s digital manipulations, which integrate drawing, photography and painting. Using an amalgam of techniques, she evokes the passage of time and the history of multiple famous or anonymous ancestors.

“Meteographs,” a series of abstract works, also evoke the passage of time. For several years now, Scheer has been creating ephemeral paintings on slabs of ice found in forests or gardens. She photographs the fleeting moments when the colour pigments mix and spread over the frozen surfaces. The digital images are preserved, printed and mounted on acrylic glass plates that recall the icy surfaces from which these transient paintings originated.

In compliance with health guidelines issued by thenQuebec government regarding COVID 19, masks must be worn and social distancing measures must be respected at all times.

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