Brome-Missisquoi campaign to encourage kindness

Record Staff

There is no denying that over the past two years COVID-19 has brought moments of stress, of solitude and the blues in us all. Knowing that our emotional and mental well being has been put to the challenge for over 24 months, a committee was formed to come up with ideas to bring a little light into the everyday life of our Brome-Missisquoi community.

The video

Several generous people donated their time to prepare a video clip that shows the snow ball effects of random acts of kindness. Citizens are encouraged to share this feel-good video on their social media and inspire their entourage to pay it forward as well.

Shops, community organisations and municipalities will have promotional posters inciting the population to take part in the kindness movement taking place in Brome-Missisquoi.

The kindness cards
Batches of kindness cards encouraging recipients to perform an act of kindness, towards others or oneself, will be in circulation throughout the region. These cards are meant to be shared with others in hopes of collectively cultivating a string of acts of kindness, love and generosity.
Once these cards have been passed around and show signs of wear, they can be planted! 5000 cards, 5000+ acts of kindness, 5000 wild flowers!

Acts of kindness
Of course, those who do not get their hands on a card, are encouraged to take part of the wave of kindness. Examples of actions that are meant to inspire are available at
There are so many ways to be kind. To keep the wave rolling and inspire others, the community can share their actions by adding the hashtag #kindnessBM

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