Brome Hall garage sale next Saturday only!

By Louise Smith

The team responsible for the Brome Hall organized yet another successful rummage sale last weekend. Close to $3,500 was raised.

Customers were also asked to sign a paper which would help with the application for a grant to get work done on the hall. They need to show that people are using the hall and/or attending events at the hall.

Next Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. will be the Garage Sale. It will only be on the one day. What is important is that sales are only accepted in cash. It is the only form of payment that can be made. Please bring your own bags if possible and the wearing of masks is still mandatory. The hall is located on Stagecoach Road near the Brome Fair Grounds.

Without the volunteer team and donations from the community, the Brome Hall would not be the vital building in Brome Village that it is today. The team would like to thank everyone who has been either a donor or a purchaser. Truth be told, some people who have made donations to clear out space at home, can’t resist the treasures on display, and end up buying more to take home. Come out next Saturday to see the wide variety of articles are available.

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