Brome County Historical Society wants to preserve St. Andrew’s Church

By Taylor McClure

The Municipality of Bolton-Ouest and the Brome County Historical Society (BCHS) are looking to preserve and restore the St. Andrew’s Church on Tuer Road by moving it to the BCHS property in Brome Lake next to the museum. After years of deteriorating conditions and a need for major repairs, the municipality is consulting its citizens about what they think of the potential move and it is expected to make its final decision on June 7. The church was designated a heritage building by the municipality in 1994 and serves as an important reminder of the first people to settle in the area; the municipality is hoping that by handing the reigns over to the BCHS that the building will be around for generations to come. 

“The councillors want to inspect the building to see what could be done with it for municipal usage for it, but unfortunately the building is quite small and it couldn’t serve our purposes,” explained Jacques Drolet, Mayor of Bolton-Ouest. 

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