Bob MacDonald wows locals

Submitted by Lucy Hoblyn

On Sunday afternoon, The Knowlton Literary Association was thrilled to host a talk by Bob McDonald, CBC host of Quirks and Quarks and science expert for the National. Bob gave a talk to a good crowd made up of fans and others who came to hear him talk about Covid and climate change. It was held at the Knowlton community centre. He gave us a good news message. He explained that we already have the tools to combat climate change, we just need to get together and do it like we did when it came to fighting COVID-19 (flattening the curve).

He was fascinating and described the new forms of green energy programs that are coming out in the near future. He was also thoroughly entertaining. He even had a fantastic way to show us how much drinkable water is available to us all. He had an audience member come up to represent the world’s population. He had a glass of water representing the water in the world. After taking out the salt water, water in ice, water in plants and clouds, she was left with one drop to drink.

On Monday Bob was scheduled to visit Knowlton Academy in the morning and Massey Vanier in the afternoon. There he planned talks about space and our world in space.

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