Beware of False Town of Cowansville “evaluations”

By Louise Smith

On the Town of Cowansville’s Facebook page, a warning was posted for citizens on Jan. 13. The town wants to notify people that it has not mandated evaluators to go to residences to make evaluations for the town.

If you receive a phone call for an evaluation of your home “mandated” by the town of Cowansville, you should know that is NOT the case. Do NOT take an appointment with the person who has contacted you.

When in doubt, ask for the name of the company and ask for the name and phone number and extension of the person to whom you are talking to on the phone. Then you can call town hall before ever letting someone into your home.

The last line of the message warns everyone to be careful.

How sad is it, that in these COVID times, telephone fraud has climbed exponentially and that now there is this scheme of false town evaluators out there. The town advice is to call if not sure of a contact, but it would also be a good idea to contact the police to let them be aware of the number of people being approached by these fraudsters.

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