Back to Heroes’ Memorial after the extended break

By Louise Smith

Liane Flynn, the interim principal at Heroes’ Memorial, has been filling in since Anne Stairs took her retirement in December. Liane is the Staff Assistant. A new principal will be named at the Council of Commissioners on Tuesday, Jan. 25. Liane Flynn was able to reflect on the return to school after the extended break which was added onto the Christmas holidays.

Premier Legault wanted schools to open on Jan. 17, but Mother Nature had other ideas. After the snow day on Monday, students piled into the building on Tuesday.

Ms. Flynn spoke about children having had online classes after the Christmas break. Those students who did have computer devices could pick one up at the school. The attendance online was pretty good, even in the younger grades, but in person is always better. Children are in need of socializing and seeing people face to face, or more accurately, mask to mask!

The second package of at home COVID testing kits was distributed this past Wednesday. No one was sent home this past week with COVID symptoms or a positive test reading. Students who have COVID have not yet returned to school and won’t return until getting a negative test result.

Everyone hopes that the end of this wave will occur soon and that more measures can be relaxed. As much as possible, the school experience at Heroes’ Memorial is “normal”. The last of the Christmas decorations, in class and on the bulletin boards, are being taken down, soon to be replaced by Valentine-themed art.

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