Au Diapason fundraising walk coming May 1

Record Staff

The Fondation Au Diapason has announced that the Groupe conseil Johnston Soucy Couture de Valeurs mobilières Desjardins is joining as a major partner in the 13th edition of this year’s Walk/Run taking place May 1, “I walk to the rhythm of the Diapason.”

The company has been actively involved in the organization of the annual Fondation Au Diapason tournament since the very beginning. The Golf Tournament having been postponed for the last two years, Johnston Soucy Couture Consulting Group has chosen to continue its involvement by supporting the Walk/Run event. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that the company has agreed to renew its commitment, for a second consecutive year, as the presenting partner of the 13th edition of the Walk/Run.

Francis Soucy, Senior Wealth Manager and Portfolio Manager at Johnston Soucy Couture Consulting Group, says he is proud to support the Diapason’s valuable and necessary cause year after year: “We are proud of our involvement with the Diapason, a noble cause that is very close to our hearts and that, one day or another, touches everyone in some way. The entire team would like to invite the community and businesses in the region to actively participate in their fundraising activities or to be part of the Diapason volunteers.”

The members of the group have been supporting the Diapason for more than 16 years and the Foundation is very grateful to be able to count on people who believe so strongly in the cause of palliative and end-of-life care.

The Johnston Soucy Couture Consulting Group invites the community to come and walk to the rhythm of Au Diapason on May 1. It also encourages businesses in the region to join them in supporting La Maison Au Diapason through the Walk/Run so that the organization can continue to provide quality palliative care and services to people at the end of life in our community for FREE.

To register, go directly to the event website at

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