Au Diapason Foundation launches fundraiser

By Taylor McClure - Special to Brome County News

The Au Diapason Foundation, the organization that supports La Maison Au Diapason and the Équipe d’accompagnement Au Diapason, providing free palliative care and services to those who are at the end-of-life and have a prognosis of less than two months, announced its 12th edition of its La Marche/La Course: À chacun son sommet, à chacun son parcours fundraiser. The fundraiser will be taking place on Sept. 4 and 5, following Quebec’s reopening plan. 

La Marche/La Course, presented by Johnston Soucy Couture Advisory Group-Desjardins Wealth Management Securities, is the Au Diapason Foundation’s most important fundraiser and has raised almost $3 million in the last decade in support of La Maison. Due to the pandemic, the event will look different this year with participation taking place remotely, but Au Diapason fundraisers hope to raise $300,000 to continue to provide its services to the Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska regions.

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