April happenings at Heroes’ Memorial

Louise Smith

Finally field trips are happening again. Recently the Grade 5 and 5/6 classes went on a winter hiking trip in Sutton. They will be returning again in June.

The whole school went on an excellent excursion last Thursday to the Érablière Meunier in Richelieu. Students were able to go on a nature walk, go on a tractor ride, visit a mini farm, and were able to partake of a wonderful (and sweet!) lunch, which was topped off by sugar on snow. It was the first school wide field trip since the beginning of “COVID times”.

The Royal Canadian Legion, branch no. 99, in Cowansville, has donated $500 towards the Heroes’ Memorial breakfast program. President Robert Bouthot presented Katrina Paxton, the school principal, the cheque recently.

The Junior Optimist Club was in charge of a campaign where soft toys in good condition were collected. They are going to be dry cleaned and will then be donated to the police and fire departments to give to children when needed. Many toys were brought in.

Quite a few students are writing entries for the Brome Bright Lights Writing Contest.

For Earth Day Ms. Andrews’ Grade 3 class made some great art. Quite a few classes in the school participated in cleaning up the school yard over the past few weeks.
Here is an Earth Day poem written by a Heroes’ student.

Earth Day
By Dylan Page (12 years old)

It is a day to think about
garbage and recycling
I didn’t know today was
Earth Day
It should be better known
People are talking about
Planet Earth and that
In a hundred years
we may have to find
a new planet to live on
If we don’t take care
of this one!
But not everyone will
be able to leave
I would rather stay
on Earth to fix it
It’s not just the land
that is getting polluted-
It’s the oceans too!
We have to start taking
it serious soon –
Even now, it will take
a hundred years
to clean the Earth!
Don’t wait – start now!

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